• Alawna Jamison

Business Tools to Get You Started

Finding business tools that fit your budget and work style isn’t always easy. And with new tools seemingly popping up every week, it can be overwhelming trying to understand what you need for your business, and what are nice-to-haves.

When deciding on tools I need for my business, I keep these 2 questions in mind:

1. Will this tool help me work more effectively?

2. Will this tool help deliver a seamless experience to my customers?


Here are the tools that help me show up my best for my business:


  • Calendly

  • Price: $0-$10

  • Why it works: Makes the email and phone tag that comes with scheduling our clients a thing of the past.

Work Management

  • Trello

  • Price: $0-$17

  • Why it works: Organizes all of our tasks in a simple and straightforward project board.

Customer Relationship Management

  • HubSpot CRM

  • Price: Free (unless you want to add on their other products)

  • Why it works: User-friendly interface with customizable fields to best capture our customers and next steps with them.

Time Management

  • Google Calendar

  • Price: Free

  • Why it works: Puts us in control of our time and allows us to proactively approach the work week. I have my process documented here.

Document Management

  • G-Suite

  • Price: Free

  • Why it works: Serves as a one-stop shop for all business documentation and collateral. If it doesn’t live in my G-Suite, is it even real?

I’d love to hear what tools have helped you work your best. I’m also interested in hearing if/how any of these tools help you. Send me a message so we can grow together.