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 We were founded on the idea of helping entrepreneurs Keep It Together.


Whether you have been in business for years and your processes need a refresh, or you are a new business that needs guidance on how to start, we are here to help optimize your customer’s buying experience. 


By first hearing your vision, we work to understand your customer audience, messaging, and then work with you to create strategies that:

  • Enhance positive experiences with your business

  • Establish repeatable work processes that will continue to enable your success.



We work in a consistent and collaborative environment

Work Transparency

We create open and honest spaces


We listen to every point of view


We work unconventionally

Meet Your Team


Alawna Jamison


Hi! I'm Alawna Jamison, and I'm the founder of KIT Strategies. I'm an operations and customer experience strategist, and I specialize in working with startups and small businesses. I leverage my experience from working in several different industries to help you design your customer strategy. To date, I've worked in:

  • Healthcare

  • Travel

  • Beauty and Wellness

  • Workforce Development and more


While my primary expertise is designing business solutions around the customer experience, I also focus on creating a positive, customer-centric work culture. By always ‘bringing’ the customer in the room, I'm able to work with you to craft intentional and scalable solutions specific to your organization and customers. 


Organizations She's Worked With...

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