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Create Loyal, Happy Customers Each Visit 

 Your offering is only as good as how your customers feel. Even businesses with the best products and services can fall short when it comes to creating a great buying experience, resulting in unimpressed customers and unimpressive revenue.

Our Solution: Keep It About Their Experience With You

We live and breathe customer happiness. KIT Strategies was founded by an entrepreneur, for entrepreneurs on the idea of Keeping It Together. We understand you do it all: you are the visionary, the back office, the customer representative, and everything in between. Here's where we come in:


Delight Your Customers

We want to help you shine consistently in front of your audience, so we take the time to create something special for your business. We'll work together to:

  • Identify your best customer outreach channels

  • Create a plan that helps you communicate confidently with your customers

  • Grow your audience by adding value before, during, and after the sell

Work Smarter, Not Harder

A great customer experience starts from within. We do less talking and more listening to understand where you can work better for the sanity of your business and customers. We'll work to:

  • Establish business tools that complement your business and resources

  • Design proactive management strategies that keep you ahead of the game

  • Create business goals and success metrics


Access Kit

Through a series of collaboration sessions, we'll guide you from an idea all the way to its seamless implementation and execution. 



Think of us as your strategic accountability 


Working Kit

Through a series of collaboration and working sessions, we'll work alongside you to move an idea all the way to its seamless implementation and execution. 


Think of us as your extended customer

experience team.

To Be Determined Kit

Looking for something else? A combination of it all? We've got you!


Reach out for a personalized


Here's How We Do It
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 Our Community 🧡's Us

Warren Zentz, Director Customer Experience and Operations

I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work alongside Alawna on the Customer Experience team at Upside Business Travel. Alawna is smart, hardworking, dependable and was the heartbeat of our team. Being at an early age start-up comes with its challenges, but no challenge was too big for Alawna to tackle. She is creative in her approach to solving problems and was always able to identify gaps and streamline operational processes to ensure that our customers had the best experience possible. If given the opportunity, I would work alongside Alawna again in a heartbeat. Incredible work, coupled with a never ending positive attitude and a willingness to always be a team player - Alawna is the full package!


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